Global Healing Circles

The ability to heal innately exists within us all; Global Healing Circle experiences empower those who participate to engage the ability to heal that exists within them

What results can a person achieve?

Results can be as expansive as the awareness of the individual seeking to achieve them, including a total healing of whatever health issue or imbalance has come to exist within their body, a state of profound peace, joy and/or freedom, greatly reduced stress, a renewed way to look at life, and/or a way of perceiving and experiencing life in a greatly more joyful, loving, and light filled manner.


Are they in-person or virtual?

They can be either.

Erik Swenson, the Founder of Global Healing Circles began sharing them in-person in 2013 to enable participants to experience the same healing outcomes he was able to assist people achieving on a 1:1 basis.

As the number of people throughout the world  Erik began to share virtual individual healing-focused sessions with grew he began sharing these events virtually in 2015. The participants in these events reported experiencing the same results of those who attended the in-person Global Healing Circle experiences. 

Are they scientifically based?

Yes. In essence and simplicity, Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla determined long ago that everything is energy, and as human beings exist our bodies are also energy. Energy can either be in balance or out of balance; the foundation of Global Healing Circle experiences is the sharing of energy that is fully capable of enabling participants to restore balance to whatever imbalance has come to exist within their body, mind, or spirit.

Are they spiritually based?

Yes. As science now recognizes atoms, the building blocks of all things physical, as over 99% pure energy, the essence of spirituality of this energy is the underlying consciousness that enables and continually empowers the existence of all physical life. The energy shared in Global Healing Circles is in harmony with that of the unconditional love of this vast, eternal, and ever expanding consciousness.  

Differing Formats

The native, historical format of virtual Global Healing Circles has been in person most anywhere in the world Erik has been invited to share them, or chooses to offer them.

Remote Global Healing Circles are announced to take place at a specific time via varying forms of public communications, allowing people throughout the world to participate in these events with no electronic connection. Participants were invited to find a comfortable, quiet place to join us, often laying down, the results of which we equally effective as the in person events.

Technology now enables such events to take place in virtual manners. As the primary focus of them is for people to rest quietly without focusing on any external stimuli, Erik introduces the event, shares some initial insights, and perhaps chats briefly with participants prior to the Circle beginning, he then steps away from the video so he can perform his function while participants also step away, relax, and participate in the experience.

In person Circles can also include the sharing of healthy snacks or a meal beforehand, in person or virtual can also include a question and answer period in which participants ask any questions that are important to them in any aspect of their lives, to which Erik responds from the sense or perception he perceives within him,

Once this aspect is complete, and/or in the absence of it, Erik welcomes participants, shares brief insights relative to the event, opens the Circle with a few words and/or a guided reflection, he then shares the event, moving about as he perceives to be appropriate, and closes it when complete with some additional insights and guidance. 

Regardless of the format, it is common for people to remain in their quiet, peaceful state for a period of time following their Global Healing Circle experience. 


Setting up a Global Healing Circle

Erik has shared Global Healing Circles  in the US and abroad,. He is willing to share them in-person throughout the world in coordination with hosts who will assemble the group to participate and the travel and other financial costs associated with the event.

Please feel free to click on the link below to coordinate an event with Erik 

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