It is I, Jesus

A Book of My Life, The Creator, Healing, Creating and Truths of Eternal Existence

I awoke to the words “Would you like to write a book with me? This is Jesus.” the last week of October, 2018.

The pathways my life had taken the prior 5+ decades were as “normal” in some ways as any others, while at the same time as eternally unique as all others are too Some are shared as examples within this book, others will likely be shared in the events and presentations and more that unfold in the decades to come.

Clearly the pathways of my life are changing as this book continues to reach more and more throughout the world.

The pathways of your life are about to change forever too.

Day after day that followed…

3 days later I awoke to an awareness of the flow of words within me, I sat down at my computer, opened a blank document and by time that morning was complete so also was the first chapter of this book, as well as the “it is I, Jesus” primary words of the title.

Each of the next 11 days that followed were similar, each of which resulted in next of the 11 chapters of this book, the coming month included receiving the subtitle, 2 full “self” edits of the book, the before and after aspects that were added to it and the final week that followed included learning how to self publish it and getting this website in place so that people could find their way to this page, as well as to create the opportunity to connect in the event they seek to coordinate an event or experience of their own.

The choice is now yours…

The majesty and enlightenment of the words of this book are as great as the clarity in which the perspectives are shared, the life changing insights that await you are equal to the purest unconditional love they are rooted within.

Adopting a single perspective or more from within this book could lead you to the living of a life beyond which most previously perceived to be possible; potentially even the life of your dreams.

Those who feel inspired to read this book may access it from either of the links above.

Those who seek to further expand their awareness of and/or integrate these concepts ever more deeply into their life may choose to visit the Events & Opportunities tab to participate in the experiences we share going forward, others may choose the Contact tab to set up a program, event or presentation in their world.

Regardless of the choices you make relative to this book may each and every new day of your earthly journey be filled with ever greater peace, joy, happiness and love and light.



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